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Service Calls

At Greenlogic, once you become our valued customer, you’re always our valued customer. In addition to our 24 hour on-call service techs, we maintain fully-equipped service vans that are always at the ready for emergency purposes. We’re ready to assist you with all of your electrical needs and we are available for standard service and repair calls – any time of the day. Perhaps a fixture has become damaged, or maybe you’d like to upgrade a light in a certain area of your store for added brightness. Don’t worry about the size of the job – big or small, we’re expertly equipped and committed to taking care of your needs as soon and as efficiently as possible. The theme of efficiency doesn’t just show up in our technology, but in our service philosophy as well. We know our customers appreciate a fast and focused resolution to their problem, a resolution that will effectively address the issue without unneeded cost to the customer. We are here for you – contact us today for any electrical service related issue and you’ll quickly see why we’ve become a leader in the green energy field.