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Security Solutions

We offer a variety of security solutions to help your property stay safe and secure.

Now more than ever, the growing Houston metro area depends on video surveillance systems for safety and security in any size business or apartment community. Partnering with Maven Systems, we offers solutions that are professionally designed and installed to meet the highest standards in the industry. Our video surveillance solutions are capable to record and playback for more than 30 days, aiding in an incident review and investigation.

As an owner or manager of a multi-family property, securing the safety of your facility and its residents is an inherent responsibility. Our IP high Mega pixel and wireless systems provide strong support in ensuring the safety of your property. Clearly view and monitor foot traffic around your property and its common areas. Thwart theft, vandalism, and better protect yourself from liability claims. A full spectrum of license plate recognition and night vision cameras video record of incidents like gate or property damage.

Looking to improve the overall operations of your small business? Installing surveillance equipment may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Security Surveillance System will provide free remote access to monitor, record, and view your business and assets through the internet, anywhere, any time. Track inventory, reduce internal and outside theft, increase productivity and profits, and provide peace of mind for your customers and employees.