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Energy Audits

The primary focus of a Greenlogic energy audit is on lighting and retail refrigeration.

The purpose of our energy audits is to discover, analyze, project, and report. The audit is the starting point – and once your energy audit is complete, we will then create a report showing your existing energy usage alongside your projected energy figures. At Greenlogic, we’re proud to note that our projections consistently fall within 10% of the actual outcome.

After the data is collected, the analysis made, and the projection issued, we will then provide you with a comprehensive report on this existing and projected energy usage. As with all of our reporting, we are committed to providing total transparency. We create our reports to be easily verifiable – all to minimize any chance for confusion and to provide you with the best possible information on which to base your decisions.

Our expert reporting efforts don’t cease once the project is complete. Our team of certified professionals will continue to monitor energy expenditures and to report relevant findings. We want our customers to know exactly how much they’re saving through their commitment to energy efficiency. As a Houston based, family-owned and operated electric company, we are excited to partner with you to complete an energy audit that can uncover serious opportunities to save money.