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In addition to saving serious money to your bottom line, an energy-efficient retrofit will leave you with superior lighting. You’ll enjoy better light coloring and more light output. With better quality lighting, your work environment will be safer and more productive. We can provide you with a detailed report showing your reduced environmental impact, as your lowered energy consumption will directly translate to emissions reductions at off-site power generation facilities. Reducing your carbon footprint can go a long way towards meeting the environmental expectations set forth by your prospective investors, your customers, and your community. Retrofitting your existing light fixtures can help you to save serious money, while at the same time contributing to a cleaner, greener presence for your business. Save money, help the environment, and keep your business operating smoothly with a lighting retrofit from Greenlogic.
As a full service electrical company, Greenlogic is able to make competitive bids on a wide variety of projects. Whether you’re involved in a new build-out or overseeing a tenant improvement, our certified technicians will be happy to equip your building with highly-efficient, money saving solutions. We service virtually all business types, and specialize in multi-family structures and retail grocery stores. With our high-quality, energy-efficient lighting systems in place, your new construction project will prove to be safer, and a better-quality work or shopping environment.

During the course of your new construction, Greenlogic can also assist with the design and development of your building’s electrical plans. We will ensure that the necessary permits are obtained from the appropriate government agencies, and we will also have our journeymen onsite when necessary to handle all inspections of the premises.

Though we specialize in multifamily and retail grocery structures, we are qualified and happy to work on a variety of job sites. We’ll make sure you end up with a solution that maximizes light quality and efficiency while minimizing costs. We are excited to partner with you to make your new construction job go as smoothly – and efficiently, as possible.

At Greenlogic, once you become our valued customer, you’re always our valued customer. In addition to our 24 hour on-call service techs, we maintain fully-equipped service vans that are always at the ready for emergency purposes. We’re ready to assist you with all of your electrical needs and we are available for standard service and repair calls – any time of the day. Perhaps a fixture has become damaged, or maybe you’d like to upgrade a light in a certain area of your store for added brightness. Don’t worry about the size of the job – big or small, we’re expertly equipped and committed to taking care of your needs as soon and as efficiently as possible. The theme of efficiency doesn’t just show up in our technology, but in our service philosophy as well. We know our customers appreciate a fast and focused resolution to their problem, a resolution that will effectively address the issue without unneeded cost to the customer. We are here for you – contact us today for any electrical service related issue and you’ll quickly see why we’ve become a leader in the green energy field.
The primary focus of a Greenlogic energy audit is on lighting and retail refrigeration.

The purpose of our energy audits is to discover, analyze, project, and report. The audit is the starting point – and once your energy audit is complete, we will then create a report showing your existing energy usage alongside your projected energy figures. At Greenlogic, we’re proud to note that our projections consistently fall within 10% of the actual outcome.

After the data is collected, the analysis made, and the projection issued, we will then provide you with a comprehensive report on this existing and projected energy usage. As with all of our reporting, we are committed to providing total transparency. We create our reports to be easily verifiable – all to minimize any chance for confusion and to provide you with the best possible information on which to base your decisions.

Our expert reporting efforts don’t cease once the project is complete. Our team of certified professionals will continue to monitor energy expenditures and to report relevant findings. We want our customers to know exactly how much they’re saving through their commitment to energy efficiency. As a Houston based, family-owned and operated electric company, we are excited to partner with you to complete an energy audit that can uncover serious opportunities to save money.

Greenlogic’s energy management services allow you to maximize both efficiency and savings. We use an Energy Star database to compare the energy expenditures of our customers with other businesses operating under similar energy demands. Greenlogic energy management can also help businesses who are pursuing the required authorization necessary to obtain the Energy Star logo.

Our energy management customers receive monthly, in-person check-ups by our certified professionals to ensure that their facilities are running efficiently and that all of their energy saving technology and lighting is undamaged and properly functioning. During these check-ups any uncovered problems are immediately addressed.

We also support our customers on the administrative end by scouting the market to ensure that they are benefitting from the most competitive utility rates available. Additionally, we monitor our customer’s electrical contracts and provide notification when they expire, so as to avoid any unexpected rate hikes.

With our energy management service, you won’t have to worry about maintaining your energy-efficiency infrastructure or administration. We’ll take care of it all for you. Your utility bill will remain lean, and you can focus on running your business. Our family-owned and operated business is committed to partnering with you to help you reduce costs and maximize profits.

We offer a variety of security solutions to help your property stay safe and secure.

Now more than ever, the growing Houston metro area depends on video surveillance systems for safety and security in any size business or apartment community. Partnering with Maven Systems, we offers solutions that are professionally designed and installed to meet the highest standards in the industry. Our video surveillance solutions are capable to record and playback for more than 30 days, aiding in an incident review and investigation.

As an owner or manager of a multi-family property, securing the safety of your facility and its residents is an inherent responsibility. Our IP high Mega pixel and wireless systems provide strong support in ensuring the safety of your property. Clearly view and monitor foot traffic around your property and its common areas. Thwart theft, vandalism, and better protect yourself from liability claims. A full spectrum of license plate recognition and night vision cameras video record of incidents like gate or property damage.

Looking to improve the overall operations of your small business? Installing surveillance equipment may be the answer you’ve been looking for. Security Surveillance System will provide free remote access to monitor, record, and view your business and assets through the internet, anywhere, any time. Track inventory, reduce internal and outside theft, increase productivity and profits, and provide peace of mind for your customers and employees.