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About Us

Greenlogic Lighting and Electric was founded in Houston, Texas, inspired by the idea that businesses could reduce utility costs while also having a positive environmental impact. The main challenge would be persuading business owners and decision makers to trust in our big-picture vision that a green investment would be worth the initial expense.

Our solution? Data and reporting. Lots of it. From the beginning, to the middle, to after the fact, we want Greenlogic customers to see a reduction in their energy usage, and we want to educate businesses on how to use efficient energy consumption practices as a safeguard against constantly rising energy prices. Efficiency, savings, and a positive environmental impact continue to demonstrate our core values.

As a Houston-based energy-industry company, our mission is to provide excellent service with results that you can take to the bank, literally. Something else about us—we’re more than just a company that sells green products. From our use of recycled packaging materials in our warehouse, to recycled paper products in our offices, we strive to practice what we preach. At Greenlogic, we are looking forward to a bright, sustainable future – a future shared by strong businesses, strong people, and a strong environment. We’ll do right by your business – and right by the environment.